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Is it possible to use a USB Bluetooth dongle with the MID1001?


I've tried a Tesco Technika Bluetooth adaptor and a Belkin but neither work.  There is nothing in the settings for  Bluetooth but one of the Bluetooth management apps (BToolKit) I installed did trigger a message that said an app wanted to turn on Bluetooth, I said yes and a message appeared saying Turning on Bluetooth but nothing happened.

Is there any setting I can change?  An app to install?  Or do I need a different firmware? 

Any ideas would be welcome.

I know the OTG cable is working because a mouse and USB memory stick both work.

Sorry for writing this in English but my Polish is limited to reading simple cafe menus!

I can't say this dongle is working on your tab. Is this Manta compatible with BT dongle? I don't know but i think not ;(


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